Big plans in store at Tuscola County’s Vanderbilt Park

Gale Van Pelt

Wisner Township — Gale Van Pelt remembers nearly 60 years ago at Tuscola County’s Vanderbilt County Park, when park visitors could not only actually see Lake Huron, but fish off the docks or jump into the water.

“I even remember when I was a kid, there was another kid who drowned right out there,” Van Pelt said. “Now you have to go about a half-mile to even get to the water.”

But that could change over the next few years.

The new five-year Tuscola County Parks and Recreation Master Plan largely centers on the lone park owned by the county, calling for $636,000 in improvements and expansion.

“To align with the vision of Tuscola County Parks and Recreation, a major focus of this master plan is to enhance and further establish Vanderbilt County Park and Campground as a Tuscola County destination,” the master plan reads. (Read more)

(This story appeared first in the June 22, 2016 print edition of The Tuscola County Advertiser and can be read online here.)

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