PC Mike Podcast Ep. 34: Has Apple Lost Its Mojo? (Answer: Yes)

PC Mike Techcast
Original Air: Oct. 9, 2015
Host: Mike Wendland
Producer: Andrew Dietderich
Guests: Paul Ulreich, Uber User, Verizon; Andrew Dietderich, Producer, PC Mike; Sean Michael, Editor, Winbeta.org

Has Apple lost its Mojo? PC Mike thinks so. And Microsoft seems to have stolen it away.

In this episode of the podcast, Mike outlines some of the problems and issues Apple has been having lately, many centered around a general lack of innovation.

Mike is so disappointed that he’s actually thinking of changing his entire technology ecosystem from Apple to Windows.

Why does he think Microsoft has become the hottest tech company today? A big reason can be seen in Microsoft’s recent product announcements. Giving us five takeaways from that big event is Sean Michael from Winbeta.org

Plus, we have reviews of cool bluetooth speakers and some handy apps that can remind you of maintenance chores you need to do around your house to get ready for cold weather. (Read complete shownotes here)

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