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OUWB alum Florence Doo, M.D., holds two fellowships, and big plans for the future

Florence Doo, M.D.

Before Florence Doo, M.D., wanted to be a doctor, she was certain about two things: she loved learning, and she had a strong desire to make a positive difference in the world around her.

It took a conversation with a person who was houseless, she says, to help her figure out exactly how to marry the two via a career in medicine.

Today, Doo, ’17, OUWB, is wrapping up two fellowships that will culminate in July: one at Stanford University and one through the American College of Radiology. Last June, she wrapped up a diagnostic radiology residency at Mt. Sinai West in New York.

Doo recently was awarded a grant via the 2023 Association of University Radiologists GE Radiology Research Academic Fellowship program.

Soon, she is set to become Director of Innovation at the University of Maryland Medical Intelligent Imaging (UM2ii) Center.

In every role she’s had — and expects to have in the future — Doo has, and will, worked toward her goal of making a positive difference in the world.

And much of the credit can go to that conversation with the person was houseless, while Doo was volunteering with Boston Health Care for the Homeless.

“She was talking to me and told me how she appreciated how I was sitting with her, talking with her, taking her to her appointments, and really trying to connect with her,” says Doo. “She said other people were just showing her around, like she was a commodity.”

“She said ‘I really think you would be an amazing physician,’” adds Doo.

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