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Nicholas Kondoleon, M.D., ’20, OUWB, set to return as cardiology fellow at Corewell Health’s Royal Oak campus

Nicholas Kondoleon, M.D.

A chance encounter with an elementary-age student in Detroit may be a blip in the youngster’s memory, but for Nicholas Kondoleon, M.D., it was life-changing.

The reason?

Before the member of OUWB’s Class of 2020 even started medical school, the interaction opened Kondoleon’s eyes to the impact doctors can have in a community.

It helped him make the decision to become a doctor — one who is near the end of an internal medicine residency at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and set to return July 1 as a cardiology fellow at Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital in Royal Oak.

To this very day, says Kondoleon, he often thinks of the time he helped deliver desperately needed health care and winter clothes to the youngster and his mother.

“That experience really stuck with me and showed me how really impactful we can be as doctors,” he says.

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