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OUWB donor: ‘Money means more here than it does at Harvard’

Dick Amacher
Dick Amacher

Constant improvement with an eye on the future has always been important to Dick Amacher — the most recent example found in a generous gift he and his wife gave to OUWB.

It’s a good example, he says, because the hope is to not only help the student who benefits from the gift — a full-ride scholarship — but also inspire others to follow suit.

The key, he says, is for potential donors to realize just how much more leverage donations carry at OUWB — and how much they mean to beneficiaries.

That’s why the longtime automotive engineer is sharing the story of how he and his wife, Barb, made the big decision to become donors to Oakland University’s medical school.

“The marginal value of a dollar differs everywhere, in every situation,” he says. “For OUWB, the marginal value of a donor’s dollar is greater than it is at other schools.”

“The money means more here than it does at Harvard,” he adds.

Jordan Nash, development associate, says the gift from the Amachers goes a long way in helping create a strong foundation of student support at OUWB.

“Donors like the Amachers are so important to OUWB because they not only recognize what we are trying to achieve as an institution — transforming medical education by emphasizing holistic physician development — but they are eager to inspire others as well,” says Nash.

(Only partial stories are posted here with hopes to provide a brief overview and introduction to my most recent work. The full version of this story may be found on the OUWB InMedicine site here.)

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