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OUWB alumnus saves life of classmate’s father 2,000 miles from Rochester Hills

When they graduated from Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in 2021, no one could have imagined the life-or-death emergency that would one-day reunite Kevin Cervantes, M.D., and Trent Jackman, M.D.

But that’s exactly what happened in a Las Vegas hospital on Feb. 3, 2023.

Kevin Cervantes’s father, Ben Cervantes, had a life-threatening emergency.

By sheer coincidence, Trent Jackman was on duty and saved Ben’s life.

The serendipitous reunion obviously had a big impact on all involved — and shows that the OUWB community extends well beyond the bounds of southeast Michigan.

“When I noticed it was Trent who was treating my father, that’s when my stress levels went down significantly,” says Kevin. “He’s one of the smartest guys from our graduating class, and he knows what he’s doing…I felt calmer and more relaxed.”

For Trent, the unique experience served as a good reminder.

“It’s made me think of the other patients I have that I don’t have a connection with and served as a good reminder…that they have people that love them, too,” he says.

(Only partial stories are posted here with hopes to provide a brief overview and introduction to my most recent work. The full version of this story may be found on the OUWB InMedicine site here.)


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