PC Mike Podcast Ep. 30: Apple Watch – What to Know Four Months In

PC Mike Techcast
Original Air: Sept. 4, 2015
Host: Mike Wendland
Producer: Andrew Dietderich

Apple-WatchApple Watch is finding favor among the health conscious and fans of Apple Pay, but after four months of being on the market users says it’s the little things making the biggest differences.

Or as Bernard Desarnauts, founder of Wristly.co, calls it, the “delightful moments.” That is, those times when users can’t access their smartphones or tablets yet need access to the kind of information those devices provide – like an emergency text or call that comes through with two arms of groceries.

Desarnauts’ Wristly knows all about Apple Watch. Wristly collects feedback from users about how they use Apple Watch. He joins PC Mike this week to share what he knows – and what you should know – about Apple Watch after being out for about four months. Among other things, Desarnauts and PC Mike discuss:

  • How signs point to Apple Watch being more than just a novelty
  • How Wristly is able to tell how Apple Watch is being used by consumers
  • If Apple Watch is meeting users’ expectations or falling short
  • Who is finding most value in Apple Watch
  • How users are actually utilizing Apple Watch in their daily lives
  • How Apple Watch is helping people live more healthy lives
  • What issues users are having with Apple Watch
  • Is people who haven’t bought Apple Watch should get one now or wait (Read complete shownotes)


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