PC Mike Techcast Blog: How to Use the Internet to Get Free eBooks

HowEBooks are popular – expected to grow from a $14.5 billion industry at the beginning of 2015 to $22 billion by 2017 – but that doesn’t mean you need fork over your hard-earned dollars for every single piece of digital literature you get.

In fact, you can access thousands and thousands of free eBooks online.

Sure, it might not be quite as easy as going to Amazon and clicking “Buy Now,” so you’ll have to decide if you want to familiarize yourself with online resources that could save you lots of money.

Should you decide you like free stuff, however, the online resources offer free eBooks now part of the public domain – i.e. copyrights expired – or by companies and authors that simply want as many people to read their stuff as possible to build audience. (Read more)

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